Here is a comprehensive list of all the social networks,micro/blogging, streaming, audio and video channels I use, for your viewing, listening and reading pleasure:



  • Viddler: – Contains EVERY single video I have ever recorded and produced, since 2005 and into the future. This is a major blogging archive in video format, sorted from newest to oldest. All of the videos are HTML5 compatible and very wordpress-friendly when embedding.

  • Dailymotion: – Contains many old/recent video blogs that I tend to mirror from YouTube. All of them are HTML5 compatible, like viddler. I just haven't figured out how in the world to embed them.

  • YouTube: Rootbrian - (subject to change without notice, due to malicious flagging).

  • Archive: Zit popping (via VIddler, playlist)



  • Streaming Video





  • Chirbit: – This is primarily where I post my audio or music recordings/creations that are longer than five (5) minutes, which basically get embedded to my Wordpress blog.


  • Audioboo: – This is still my primary place to upload short recordings of audio that is less than/up to five (5) minutes in length, due to the fact that I did not “go pro” and stuck with the free version.


Social Networks and Microblogging


  • Diaspora: – This is THE BEST privacy-respecting, decentralized non-profit social network I have ever used in my life since facebook. If you use it, add me. Chances are, you already have an account there. Did I not say you can run it on your own server too?

  • Facebook: – The facebook page I run, which if you have a facebook account, should hit that “like” button. I update it occasionally. This is a great way to keep in touch and stay up to date.

  • Twitter/X: - Had to make a new account due to multiple malicious reports.

  • – This is where I ask questions/get asked about anything. This is basically disused now. But when bored, I might drop by and ask some questions.



  • Wordpress: - My wordpress. Now, here is where things get very long and lengthly. I usually write up when I don't feel like video blogging, or when I have a bad cold. The odd audio blog gets embedded or linked here, including any long rants and write-ups that aren't enough for video. I write everything from my blackberry, long or short, it doesn't matter. If you would like to subscribe via RSS or to follow it, go right ahead. :)


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