Here is a comprehensive list of all the social networks,micro/blogging, streaming, audio and video channels I use, for your viewing, listening and reading pleasure:



  • Viddler: – Contains EVERY single video I have ever recorded and produced, since 2005 and into the future. This is a major blogging archive in video format, sorted from newest to oldest. All of the videos are HTML5 compatible and very wordpress-friendly when embedding.

  • Dailymotion: – Contains many old/recent video blogs that I tend to mirror from YouTube. All of them are HTML5 compatible, like viddler. I just haven't figured out how in the world to embed them.

  • YouTube: - (subject to change without notice people not respecting my right to freedom of expression – Contains ALL of the latest videos I have uploaded since the channel was created. Uploads are done via BlackBerry smartphone, Tablet/PC, laptop, or any computer I might be currently using at the moment.


  • Streaming Video


  • YouNow: – This is where I usually broadcast live when video blogging isn't enough. Lately, the chat component has been disconnecting without notice to the user while they're broadasting, until they type something, set the topic, change a setting or font color, then it tells them they've been disconnected (reconnecting almost immediately, then disconnecting yet again). This hasn't been fixed for quite some time. BlogTV staff blame it on bandwidth saturation, but I think it's justyet another excuse NOT to fix the issue at all. I wonder, when are they going to fully switch over to HTML5 or use something similar to Chatroll? I think that would work out SOO much better.


  • Another great place I broadcast at, which doesn't have any issues with the chat component at all. I like ustream because of the flexibility of it allowing you to adjust bandwidth settings (bit rate/quality factor)

  • (coming soon)! Their application is quite friendly, and streaming on the go and from a computer, I have yet to test it out full time.



  • Chirbit: – This is primarily where I post my audio or music recordings/creations that are longer than five (5) minutes, which basically get embedded to my Wordpress blog.


  • Audioboo: – This is still my primary place to upload short recordings of audio that is less than/up to five (5) minutes in length, due to the fact that I did not “go pro” and stuck with the free version.


Social Networks and Microblogging


  • Diaspora: – This is THE BEST privacy-respecting, decentralized non-profit social network I have ever used in my life since facebook. If you use it, add me. Chances are, you already have an account there. Did I not say you can run it on your own server too?

  • Identica (, since been wrecked, disused now): – This is the open source microblogging site I occasionally post to. Thing is, I like identica more than I do twitter. Why you may ask? There is so such thing as censorship and like diaspora, it can also be installed and run on your own server.

  • Facebook: – The facebook page I run, which if you have a facebook account, should hit that “like” button. I update it occasionally. This is a great way to keep in touch and stay up to date.

  • Twitter: - Yes, this is my twitter. Most of the posts are via diaspora, some from Blaq or Twitter for BlackBerry, or the website.

  • – This is where I ask questions/get asked about anything. This is basically disused now. But when bored, I might drop by and ask some questions.



  • Wordpress: - My wordpress. Now, here is where things get very long and lengthly. I usually write up when I don't feel like video blogging, or when I have a bad cold. The odd audio blog gets embedded or linked here, including any long rants and write-ups that aren't enough for video. I write everything from my blackberry, long or short, it doesn't matter. If you would like to subscribe via RSS or to follow it, go right ahead. :)


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